The Linde Group is a world leading gases and engineering company with almost 48,000 employees working in more than 100 countries worldwide. In the 2009 financial year it achieved sales of EUR 11.211 bn. The strategy of The Linde Group is geared towards sustainable earnings-based growth and focuses on the expansion of its international business with forward-looking products and services. Linde acts responsibly towards its shareholders, business partners, employees, society and the environment - in every one of its business areas, regions and locations across the globe. Linde is committed to technologies and products that unite the goals of customer value and sustainable development.

The Group comprises three divisions: Gases and Engineering (the two core divisions) and Gist (logistics services). The largest division, Gases, has four operating segments, Western Europe, the Americas, Asia & Eastern Europe, and South Pacific & Africa, which are subdivided into nine Regional Business Units (RBUs). The Gases Division also includes the two Global Business Units (GBUs) - Healthcare (medical gases) and Tonnage (on-site) - and the two Business Areas (BAs) - Merchant & Packaged Gases (liquefied and cylinder gases) and Electronics (electronic gases).

Gases Division

The Linde Group is a world leader in the international gases market. We offer a wide range of compressed and liquefied gases as well as chemicals and we are therefore an important and reliable partner for a huge variety of industries. Our gases are used, for example, in the energy sector, in steel production, chemical processing, environmental protection, and welding, as well as in food processing, glass production and electronics.
We are also investing in the expansion of our fast-growing Healthcare business, i.e. medical gases, and we are a leading global player in the development of environmentally friendly hydrogen technology.

Engineering Division

Our Engineering Division is successful throughout the world, with its focus on promising market segments such as olefin plants, natural gas plants and air separation plants, as well as hydrogen and synthesis gas plants. In contrast to virtually all our competitors, we are able to call on our own extensive process engineering know-how in the planning, project development and construction of turnkey industrial plants. Linde plants are used in a wide variety of fields: in the petrochemical and chemical industries, in refineries and fertiliser plants, to recover air gases, to produce hydrogen and synthesis gases, to treat natural gas and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gist Division

Gist Division is a leading provider of logistics and supply chain solutions.


Linde Gaz Romania is the main technical, medical and food gases producer in the romanian industry. Linde Gaz Romania invested so far in four Air Separation Units, three Acetylene Plants, three Filling Stations, a Hydrogen Plant and three Dry Ice Units, all these productions centers being disposed strategically across the whole country: Galati, Timisoara, Bucharest, Cluj, Ramnicu Valcea, Otelu Rosu, Brazi. Additionally 60 selling points and five oxygen filling stations, operated by distribution partners help us in our attempt to be as close as possible to our clients.

Linde Gaz Romania has been established in 1996, by a Joint Venture with Uzinele Mecanice Timisoara (UMT) - Linde Gaz UMT. The Joint Venture has been taken over completely by Linde AG in 1998, becoming Linde Gaz Romania. In 1999 Linde Gaz Romania in partnership with Petrom Petrobrazi established the Joint Venture Linde Gaz Brazi. 2.500.000 USD were invested at the moment in modernisation of the production units on the Petrobrazi industrial platphorm. The Join Venture has been taken over as well compeltely later by Linde AG amd subsequently merged with Linde Gaz Romania.

A big step in the history of Linde Gaz Romania was the merger with AGA GAZ in 1999, which helped to the nationwide expansion.

In 2008 Linde Gaz Romania has signed the agreement on becoming the industrial gases supplier of ArcelorMittal in Galati. The agreement provides the errection and operation of a new Oxygen Plant replacing the old plants currently in use. The 100 Millions investment will cover the whole oxygen demand of the client, and will be also a source for other industrial gases for the national market. The plant will be finalised and commissioned in 2011.


Filled Gases

Linde Gaz Romania delivers the whole range of industrial gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, acetylene, carbon dioxid, hydrogen and mixed gases in various capacities cylinders or cylinders bundles.

Liquefied Gases

When the neccessary volume exceeds the cylinders capacity, we deliver liquefied gases and the tanks and pipelines needed for the supply with liquefied gases. The level of the remaining quantity in the installed tanks can be remotely monitored without the intervention of the client, and the product up to the demand will be delivered by rail or road just in time.

"On-Site" Systems

For very high demands, Linde Gaz Romania offers criogenic and non-criogenic "on-site" plants - air separation errected directly on the clients locations. These plants are  highly customized and engineered solutions on base of the technical and commercial indications of the client. Such systems are designed for oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon monoxid and synthetig gases production.

Special Gases

As a leader in this field, Linde provides complete solutions for special gases supply, including: analytical gases mixes, high purity gases, chemical gases, gases for the electronic industry, laser gases, rare gases and equipment for special gases.

Medical Gases

Medical gases and the services around them are needed in various clinical situations. Linde Healthcare products can be found in ambulances, in intensive care units and may also be delivered right to the patient's home. Wherever our products are used, we are committed to high quality and the best service.

Linde Gaz Romania
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